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Season one of typesetting was 100% self-funded through the dedication of Donovan & Mat to see the project come to fruition.

Special Projects like typesetting aren’t possible without the dedication of a few individuals and the support they receive through volunteers, in-kind donations, or cash support. Please join us in concepting the future of this project, and let us know how you want to be involved in making season two a reality.

If you simply want to buy us a burrito, you can donate to us!

Typesetting can only inspire greatness in others if they have an opportunity to see it. Blog about us, tweet about us, pin us to your wall, share us, and send us around to your friends and family. If that’s not enough, contact us to find out how we can work with you to screen the videos or hold a group discussion about the making of typesetting.

Producing a Documentary Web Series about designers is tough work especially since we already spend 40 hours per week at a full-time job. 70+ hour weeks get tiring after a while. If you have skills, time, and want to contribute to a super-fun project, join our team!

Do you have other ideas to help the project? Suggestions? Criticism? Praise? Tips? We’d love to hear your thoughts. Email us at info@typesetting.tv or tweet us @typesettingtv.