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typesetting is an independent documentary series about graphic designers and the cities in which they live
what is typesetting?

To put it simply, typesetting is a web-based documentary series that explores the relationship between designers, their work, and the cities in which they live. It is a travel series with a typography twist; an anthropological exploration into the geography of design.

Typesetting: Season One, which is currently airing, is set in six cities in six countries in Central & Eastern Europe. Each episode highlights a different city and designer and focuses on the connections between each designer’s work, life, and environment.

our team

Donovan Brien
Donovan is an award winning graphic designer and founder of typesetting. His interest in exploring typography in different cultures came after being inspired by and contributing to in-depth graphic design textbooks such as Megg’s History of Graphic Design. He has been featured in publications such as Print Magazine and Core77, and was a winner at the 2011 AIGA Best of New England show.

Matthew Budelman
Mat is a Boston-based graphic designer and co-founder of typesetting. The opportunity to shed light on graphic design outside of the mainstream design press first attracted him to the project. In the process he grew his interest and passion for video, music production, and web design. In addition to typesetting, Mat has been involved in projects for The Say Something Poster Project, TEDxCambridge, and Harvard University. He is the incoming President of AIGA Boston but still found time to make a coast-to-coast motorcycle tour of the USA—from San Diego to Boston.


what’s next

After we ensure our own survival after the apocalypse, we would like to take typesetting to the next level, both stylistically and proportionally. Season 2 will delve deeper into creating dynamic video content delivered over the web in a rich and visually interactive way while also exploring the designers and the design profession in… [to be continued].

special thanks

First and foremost, we’d like to thank Elisabeth Kopf and Käthe Ivansich from Buro Baustelle, Basics09 and the rest of our interviewees (to be announced as we air each episode).

Supporters, collaborators and consultants:
Our parents, Ben Gebo, Courtney Petrouski, Bruce and Amy Lithimane, Matthew Bacon, Alston Purvis, Steven Brien and Elysia Mann of All Along Press, Linda Kudrnovská of Typo Magazine(Czech Republic), Jess Beck, Supervising Story Producer at Original Media.

Lodging and travel guides:
Semih and Murat Arslanoglu (Istanbul), Olga and Gabbor from The Budapest Bubble (Budapest), Diego (Berlin), Milan (Czech Republic), Tarik Silk, Lorraine Jonemann and Chris (New York).

Hungarian Cultural Center

Travel friends:
Kay, Jakub, Will, and the man in apartment 46 who let Donovan use his computer when he was lost in the middle of Poland.